Introducing ZUSD

Introducing ZEN USD (ZUSD), the first Horizen EON stablecoin redeemable 1-to-1 for US dollars

Supported Network

Horizen EON

How to Buy & Sell ZUSD

Create a Stably Ramp account and complete user onboarding.

Follow this guide on how to open a Stably Ramp account.

Follow this guide on how to buy digital assets (including ZUSD).

ZUSD - Infomation


ZEN USD (ZUSD), built upon the Horizen EON blockchain, is a stablecoin created by Stably in partnership with Horizen. The collateral of ZUSD is held in bank deposits, money market instruments, and USDC by a designated trustee for the benefit of verified ZUSD token holders. Additionally, periodic attestations shall be performed by an independent attestor to verify that every ZUSD token in circulation is fully backed with collateral.

With ZUSD, anyone in the world can easily on-ramp from fiat and stablecoins on other networks to EON, settle payments or cross-border remittances near-instantly, and interact with Web3 applications within the EON ecosystem.

Statements & Attestations

Stably recognizes that stablecoins require a high standard of public transparency for consumers and businesses to build trust. As a result, we have engaged with a leading stablecoin attestor, The Network Firm, to perform quarterly attestations and verify that the supply of circulating USDS tokens (including white-label versions of USDS such as CUSD and ZUSD) is fully backed 1-to-1 with collateral assets held by our regulated partner(s) and designated trustee(s). Additionally, we will publish statements of accounts where collateral assets are held on a monthly basis.

The Network Firm conducts an attestation for the previous quarter on the first month of each new quarter. Prior to The Network Firm, attestation services were provided by Cohen & Co. Prior to July 2023, attestation reports were performed for “Stably USD Classic” (USDSC), a previous version of USDS that has been discontinued (including white-label versions of USDSC), on a monthly basis.

2018                       Dec (A)
2019 Jan (A) Feb (A) Mar (A) Apr (A) May (A) Jun (A) Jul (A) Aug (A) Sept (A) Oct (A) Nov (A) Dec (A)
2020 Jan (A) Feb (A) Mar (A) Apr (A) May (A) Jun (A) Jul (A) Aug (A) Sept (A) Oct (A) Nov (A) Dec (A)
2021 Jan (A) Feb (A) Mar (A) Apr (A) May (A) Jun (A) Jul (A) Aug (A) Sept (A) Oct (A) Nov (A) Dec (A)
2022 Jan (A) Feb (A) Mar (A) Apr (A) May (A) Jun (A) Jul (A) Aug (A) Sept (A) Oct (A) Nov (A) Dec (A)
2023 Jan (A) Feb (A) Mar (A) Apr (A) May (A) Jun (A) Jul* Aug* Sept* Oct (S) Nov (S) Dec (S)
2024 Jan (S) Feb (S) Mar (A/S) Apr (S) May (S) Jun (A/S) Jul (S) Aug (S) Sept (A/S) Oct (S) Nov (S) Dec (A/S)

*Note: Attestation halted due to no material changes since June 2023 (click here for more information).

(A) = Attestation, (S) = Statement