Buy, Sell, or Swap Crypto

with Fiat & Stablecoins

Super Low Fees

Buy, sell, and swap digital assets with stablecoins and fiat payments for as low as 0.5% in tx fees (excluding network fees).

Diverse Asset Selection

Diverse Asset Selection

Stably Ramp currently supports 200+ digital assets across 20+ networks. Throughout 2024, we will continue to expand our asset/network coverage. View our supported assets or request a new asset listing for free.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Available in 46 US States and 170+ other countries/regions, with global payment methods like bank transfers and cards. Alternative payment methods like PayPal and Venmo are coming soon!

Integrate Stably Ramp With Your Project 🤝

Integrate our widget and enable your users in 170+ countries/regions to easily buy, sell, or swap digital assets on multiple networks with fiat and stablecoins.

All Popular Assets* with Free Listing for New Projects

We source liquidity directly from stablecoin issuers, DEXs, and DeFi aggregators, allowing Stably Ramp to offer a large selection of assets, including new and recently trending assets.

If you would like to list a new asset on Stably Ramp, fill out this new asset listing request form!

Deploy Our Widget in Minutes, Not Months

Plug and play with our iFrame widget in less than 30 minutes, enabling your users to buy, sell, or swap digital assets with stablecoins and global fiat payments, including Fedwire, ACH, Visa, and Mastercard. SWIFT, PayPal, and Venmo are coming soon.

Free Integration & as Low as 0.5% in Transaction Fees

Enjoy our simple, transparent, and user-friendly pricing:

• 0% for Venmo/PayPal (buy + sell)
• 0.5% for crypto-to-crypto (swap)
• 0.5% for bank wire (buy)
• 0.5% for ACH/SEPA (buy + sell)
• 2% for instant ACH/SEPA (buy)
• 4% for credit/debit card (buy)
• Plus variable gas fees based on network conditions

View our fee schedule.

A Few Lines of Code, That’s All!

iFrame integration is currently available + API and SDK coming soon in 2024

Securely Connect Your User’s Bank to Web3 in <5 Minutes


The user submits an order through Stably Ramp


The user onboards with their KYC/KYB info


Once approved, the user can make a fiat or stablecoin payment. Afterward, the user enters a wallet address to receive their tokens


The payment is exchanged for digital assets and sent to the user’s wallet


The user receives purchased digital assets in their self-custody wallet

Have Questions? Let’s Connect!

Get expert help for your fiat on/off-ramp strategy and implementation! Our recommendations are specifically tailored to meet your business needs in the fast-evolving Web3 landscape.