Stablecoin Infrastructure for Web3 & Institutions

Power the next billion Web3 users with our Stablecoin-as-a-Service (SCaaS) solution for your community, organization and/or brand.

White-Label or Create Your Own Stablecoin

For emerging blockchains: No USDC or USDT? Wary of bridged stablecoins? Say less! Expand or white-label our USDS stablecoin natively on your network in less than 3 months.

For banks & institutions: Join the Web3 revolution today by issuing your own regulatory-compliant stablecoin to power cross-border payments and grow your deposits.

For precious metals: Tokenize your precious metals compliantly and open up a new distribution channel for digital gold or silver in Web3.

Low-Friction Fiat Onramp Conduit

Bypass sourcing USDC and USDT liquidity by issuing your own stablecoin and directly digitize your user’s fiat. The stablecoin can then be used as a fiat onramp conduit to efficiently swap for other digital assets on-chain.

How It Works

Stably-branded or white-label

Mint/redeem 1-to-1 with USD, USDC, or USDT

Blockchain-agnostic deployment

Battle-tested infrastructure since 2018

Regulatory compliance (FIN-2019-G001)

Periodic attestation reports

2-3 months development time

Global user onboarding and support

Automatically listed on Stably Ramp

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