Stablecoin Infrastructure for Web3 & Institutions

Power the next billion Web3 users with our Stablecoin-as-a-Service (SCaaS) solution for your community, organization and/or brand.

White-Label or Create Your Own Stablecoin

For emerging blockchains: No USDC or USDT? Wary of bridged stablecoins? Say less! Expand or white-label our USDS stablecoin natively on your network in 2-3 months.

For banks & institutions: Join the Web3 revolution today by issuing your own regulatory-compliant stablecoin to power cross-border remittance, settlement, and grow your deposits.

For precious metals: Tokenize your precious metals compliantly and open up a new distribution channel for digital gold or silver in Web3.

Low-Friction Fiat Onramp Conduit

Bypass sourcing USDC and USDT liquidity by issuing your own stablecoin and directly digitize your user’s fiat. The stablecoin can then be used as a fiat onramp conduit to efficiently swap for other digital assets on-chain.

How It Works

Stably-branded or white-label

Mint / redeem 1-to-1 with USD

Blockchain-agnostic deployment

Technology provider: Stably

CVC administrator:

Attestor: The Network Firm

2-3 months development time

Global user onboarding and support

Automatically listed on Stably Ramp


Kitco Digital Metals

Our friends at Stably were very instrumental in Kitco’s expansion into Web3 with the launch of our very own gold-backed stablecoin.

~ John Dourekas

VeChain Foundation

“VeUSD will be one of the key infrastructure-level tools for DeFi and Web3 on Vechain. Thanks to Stably for the great collaboration!”

~ Sunny Lu

ICON Foundation

“Instead of having to build our own stablecoin with Prime Trust, Stably came in and made things much easier with USDS on ICON.”

~ Daeki Lee

Client Highlight

In Q4 2021, VeChain selected Stably over Circle and Tether for Stablecoin-as-a-Service thanks to our superior pricing, time-to-market, and hands-on customer support. We started working on “VeUSD,” a regulatory-compliant and fully-backed US Dollar stablecoin for the VechainThor network and community (i.e., a white-labeled USDS token).

After 3 months of development, VeUSD was launched successfully in Q1 2022. It has gained widespread adoption in the VeChain ecosystem ever since 🚀

Learn more about VeUSD on VechainThor

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