Enterprise Tokenization

Launch your own brand of digital currency or tokenize real-world assets.

Stably Enterprise Enables You to Bridge Value from the Real World to the Digital Economy.

Stably’s smart contracts interact with our regulated partners’ signals to mint and burn tokens on various blockchains, which are compliant and redeemable for the underlying collateral.

Stably’s proprietary technology allows our regulated partners to connect their existing off-chain infrastructure to various blockchain networks.

Collateral is held in trust by our regulated partners. U.S. Dollar collateral is held in FDIC-insured bank accounts through Prime Trust.

What Can Be Tokenized?



Other Assets

We Bring You Enterprise Asset Tokenization.

How it works.

Stably Enterprise is our Stablecoin-as-a-Service / Tokenization-as-a-Service B2B model where we work with enterprise clients¹ to bridge value from the real world to the digital economy.

Step 1

Contact us to discuss your needs today!

Step 2

Receive a customized Stably Enterprise proposal².

Step 3

We collaborate in the development and launch of your tokenization project. 

Trusted by Leading Organisations.

Our friends at Stably were very instrumental in Kitco’s expansion into the crypto space.

John Dourekas

Director of Kitco

Stably completed the ZUSD smart contract and helped us launch it within just four weeks.

Al Burgio

CEO of Zytara

We’ve always enjoyed our relationship with Stably and look forward to more future collab

Jae Park

CEO of CatalX

Learn How Asset Tokenization Delivers for Businesses.

Whether you’re thinking about tokenizing your assets to unlock liquidity, open up a new digital distribution channel, or evolve your payment and, we can help!


Let’s Talk!

Contact us and we can help guide you through the ABCs of asset tokenization. We will work closely with you to identify pain points and propose the appropriate solutions for your needs.

¹ Clients such as exchanges, commodity dealers, and blockchain foundations.

² Proposal drafted based on customer’s specifications derived from consultation between customer and Stably.