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WEB3 INSIGHTS: Monthly FinTech & Blockchain Discussion guests from Li.FI and Xumm Wallet

Categories: EventsPublished On: April 12th, 20231.5 min read

Insights on the Future of Finance: A Discussion on Decentralized Finance and LiFi Technology

On April 12th, 2023, Mark from Li.FI and Wietse from Xumm Wallet joined Stably’s host, Alberto De Pablo, for a discussion about the intersection of finance, blockchain, and LiFi technology. The conversation covered topics such as decentralized finance, digital identity, and the future of payment systems. The Space provided valuable insights into the potential of these technologies to revolutionize the financial industry.

You can find the Space at the following link: https://twitter.com/Stably_Official/status/1646226507910590464?s=20

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