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Enable your users to easily swap stablecoins / crypto with our fiat ramp widget

Increase your user growth and TVL with Stably Ramp

The #1 Fiat-to-Stablecoin Gateway for Your Web3 App

  • USDC, USDT, USDS, BUSD, etc.

  • Fedwire, SWIFT, ACH, Cards
  • 15+ Blockchains Support
  • 150+ Countries/Regions Support

  • Lowest Fees & Rates
  • Cross-chain Bridges
  • Plug & Play Widget

Plug & Play

Embed our Stably Ramp widget in your wallet/ application / website and enable users in 150+ countries/regions to easily buy / sell crypto and stablecoin across 15+ blockchains using traditional payments.


With just a few lines of codes, you can go live in hours with our widget


Enable 1-click integration with dApps via wallet connect


Configure your widget’s look to match your existing UI/UX and brand identity

Step 1

User submits a buy or sell order through the Stably Ramp UI

Step 2

User creates a new account and submits their KYB info

Step 3

Once approved for KYB, the user can make a fiat payment via bank transfer or credit/debit card. Afterward, the user enters a wallet address to receive their tokens

Step 4

Stably converts fiat to stablecoin or crypto and sends to the user’s wallet

Step 5

User receives tokens and can now use them in Web3 apps

Stably Ramp Support

Stably Ramp supported 6 Stablecoins, 6 Cryptocurrencies, and more soon. KYB support for 150+ countries/regions

Supported Assets

Supported Jurisdictions

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Let our experts assist you with your fiat on/off-ramp strategy and implementation! We take the extra effort to consider the nuances of your business and the quickly evolving landscape of Web3 in order to tailer recommendations that meet your current and future needs.

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¹ Financial services are provided by Prime Trust, L.L.C., a Nevada Trust Company through Stably’s user interface technology platform. All financial, custodian, and remittal services through the Stably Prime account are administered and issued by Prime Trust, or any of its regulated banking partners.

² Prime Trust supports currencies and assets including fiat, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), NFTs, and private tokenized securities.

³ To send and receive fiat and crypto on the Stably Prime platform, each account is subjected to satisfactory KYB verification through Prime Trust, as well as subjected to Stably’s Terms of Service (ToS), and Prime Trust’s Terms of Service (ToS).

⁴ Stably Prime (by Prime Trust) is a self-directed custodial account offered by Prime Trust through Stably. Prime Trust is a Nevada state-chartered trust company (License No. TR10035). All asset custody, funds processing, convertible virtual currency administration and compliance services are provided by Prime Trust. Digital assets are held in secure cold storage and USD funds are held in secured USD custody bank accounts by Prime Trust. Stably is a tech service provider, not a bank or financial service company.

⁵ Signing up for an account is quick and only takes a few minutes. Successful account registration is contingent upon satisfactory KYB verification by Prime Trust. To ensure your account is KYB verified as quickly as possible, we recommend all necessary documentation in either English or translated in romanized characters. All documents submitted for KYB purposes that are not in English or translated in romanized characters are subject to manual verification by Prime Trust, which may delay your account registration and verification.

⁶ Prime Trust, LLC is the official issuer and administrator of funds through the Stably Prime platform.

⁷ All custody and funds processing services are handled by Prime Trust LLC, a Nevada Trust Company. Stably does not manage nor custody customer funds.

⁸ Prime Trust is not a FDIC-member. USD funds held by Prime Trust are deposited with a network of custodian banks syndicated through IntraFi Network, a Virginia-based financial technology company. IntraFi enables USD balances held by Prime Trust to be swept to deposit accounts at multiple secured USD custody institutions, enabling multi-bank secure USD custody coverage for Prime Trust customers.

⁹ Stably does not charge any fees to open or hold an account. Prime Trust fees may apply.

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