Stably Prime –

A Borderless Custodial Account for Web3

A crypto-friendly business account for Web3 projects and entrepreneurs. Send, receive, and trade USD and digital assets from anywhere in the world 🌎

USD & Digital Assets Across the Globe

Open an account anywhere in 200+ countries/regions globally (entity KYB onboarding only).

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No hidden fees

With Stably Prime, you can send/receive funds or trade crypto with anyone, anytime, anywhere


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custody fee


minimum balance


gas fee

0.3 %

trading fee

Stably Prime Features

  • Secure USD + digital asset custody
  • Borderless remittance & payments

  • Fiat payment methods: ACH, Fedwire, SWIFT

  • KYB support for 200+ countries/regions

  • Stablecoin issuance & redemption interface

  • Cryptocurrency & stablecoin trading

It’s Simple


Create a Stably Prime account online and verify your KYB info. Get Started here.

It’s Simple

Fund Your Account

Easily adds funds to your account via:

  • Bank transfers (Fedwire, SWIFT, ACH)
  • Stablecoins (e.g. USDC, USDT, USDS)
  • Cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC, ETH, ADA, LTC)

It’s Simple

Enjoy Stably Prime!

  • Regulated & crypto-friendly custodian
  • FDIC-insured custodian banks (more info)
  • Secure cold storage for digital assets
  • 200+ countries/regions KYB support
  • Global remittance & payments
  • Fiat & crypto trading
  • 24/7 P2P settlement

Open an account

Follow the KYB onboarding process to activate your account and begin stablecoin issuance and redemption. $0 Opening Fee, $0 Monthly Fee, $0 Custody Fee, $0 Minimum Balance. Store, send, receive funds today!

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