Stably Launches #USD as the First BRC20 Stablecoin on the Bitcoin Network

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Stably is proud to announce the native expansion of our stablecoin on the Bitcoin Network under the BRC20 standard.

As a leading Stablecoin-as-a-Service (SCaaS) and fiat on/off-ramp infrastructure provider for emerging Web3 ecosystems, Stably is aiming to revolutionize the Bitcoin ecosytem by introducing our US dollar-backed stablecoin, Stably USD, as the first natively-issued BRC20 stablecoin on Bitcoin, the world’s first and largest blockchain network. This groundbreaking development marks an important milestone in the nascent Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem that will accelerate the growth and adoption of DeFi on Bitcoin, or “BitFi.” 

What is #USD?

Stably USD (symbol: #USD) is a US Dollar-backed stablecoin based on the BRC20 standard of the Bitcoin ordinals protocol. #USD is designed to provide the Bitcoin community with a transparent and regulatory-compliant stablecoin to seamlessly onramp from TradFi to DeFi on Bitcoin (“BitFi”). Every #USD token is fully collateralized and redeemable 1-to-1 for USD held by Prime Trust at FDIC-insured banks for the benefit of KYC-verified token holders. For more information about Prime Trust’s banking relationships, click here.

Monthly attestations for the Prime Trust fiat collateral account are conducted on a monthly basis by The Network Firm to ensure the number of circulating stablecoins is equal to the collateral account’s balance. For more information, click here.

Asset Details:

  • Name: Stably USD
  • Symbol: #USD
  • Network: Bitcoin (BRC20)
  • Maximum Supply: 69,420,000,000,000*
  • Market Cap (May 24, 2023): $101,000
  • Deployment Inscription: #8,727,192
  • Inscription ID: cc2483940adb3dcabbd2f3856d45b206004d88bab78b9e9e056b9565ea119a07i0
  • Treasury Wallet Address: bc1qfy3tahmr2gw3l3974gafuvkvv4y7lwv8vc3k7a

Note: All non-circulating #USD tokens (i.e. un-issued/un-backed tokens) are held by Stably in the #USD Treasury Wallet. #USD tokens outside of the Treasury Wallet are considered as “issued tokens” and part of the circulating supply. When #USD was first deployed on May 22, 2023, the entire token supply was minted and moved into the Treasury Wallet.

What can #USD be used for?

As the world’s first and only fiat-backed BRC20 stablecoin created through the Bitcoin ordinals protocol, #USD is designed to bring the benefits of tokenized fiat to the BitFi ecosystem by:

  • Facilitating low-friction fiat on and off-ramping for ordinals and BRC20 assets: Instead of having to convert fiat (e.g., USD) to BTC on centralized exchanges—which incurs additional costs like trading fees and spreads—before swapping for ordinals and BRC20 assets on-chain, users can now easily exchange their USD for #USD on a 1:1 basis to onramp directly to decentralized marketplaces/exchanges. For off-ramping, users can also trade ordinals and BRC20 assets for #USD on-chain before redeeming it 1:1 for USD, straight to their bank accounts.
  • Providing a more efficient on-chain trading medium without the typical crypto price volatility risk: At the moment, almost all ordinal and BRC20 trading activities are conducted through BTC (e.g., ORDI/BTC) on decentralized marketplaces such as UniSat, the world’s largest decentralized ordinal and BRC20 wallet/marketplace. Now, users on UniSat and other decentralized marketplaces/exchanges can utilize #USD as a price-stable medium to buy/sell BTC on-chain and, eventually, ordinals plus BRC20 assets.


The first BTC / #USD order on Unisat marketplace 

  • Interacting with future BitFi applications like decentralized exchanges, lending/money market protocols, and more: The newly released ORC20 standard, which is also built on Bitcoin ordinals and the BRC20 standard, aims to enhance the security and flexibility of BRC20 as well as allow BRC20 assets to migrate to ORC20, (including BRC20 #USD). Coupled with the exponential growth of ordinals during the first half of 2023 and the possibility of drivechain “emulators” being implemented on Bitcoin, positive sentiments on the future prospect of BitFi are rising globally. As a result, natively-issued BRC20 stablecoins are needed now more than ever to help catalyze the development and adoption of BitFi applications, just as they have helped DeFi applications on Ethereum and other blockchains.

How do I buy/sell #USD manually through Stably?

  1. Create a Stably Ramp account and complete onboarding. For instructions, click here.
  2. Create a token buy or sell transaction request via this form.
  3. Afterward, our team will contact you within 2 business days via email (from to provide instructions for the next steps.
  4. Deposit USD or USDC/USDT to Prime Trust (for buying) or send #USD to the Treasury Wallet (for selling).
  5. Receive #USD in your BRC20 wallet (for buying) or USD in your bank account or USDC/USDT in your wallet (for selling).

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently, we only support USD deposit/disbursement via Fedwire for US users (T + 0 to 1 business day) and SWIFT for international users (T + 3 to 5 business days).

We also support USDC (Ethereum) and USDT (Ethereum) deposit/disbursement for all users (T + 0). 

When will automatic buy/sell be available?

In Q3 2023, Stably Ramp will be able to support automatic buy/sell for #USD, enabling seamless on or off-ramping for US users through Fedwire, ACH, instant ACH, and for both US plus international users via SWIFT and credit/debit cards. Afterward, we will deprecate the current manual buy/sell process.

What countries/regions are supported for onboarding?

We support 200+ countries/regions and 44 US states for KYC/KYB onboarding. For a full list of supported countries/regions, click here.

Are there any buy/sell fees?

    • Buy/sell fee = $0
    • Fedwire deposit/disbursement fee = $15
    • SWIFT deposit/disbursement fee = $35
  • USDC or USDT to #USD conversion fee = 0.50%
  • Blockchain network fee: variable, based on network conditions

Note: Your banking institution may charge additional fees to send/receive funds. Please refer to your bank’s fee schedule for more information.

What are the limits for buying/selling?

The minimum buy/sell amount is $1,000 via USDC/USDT and $25,000 via Fedwire/SWIFT. There are no maximum limits.

Why is Stably USD’s symbol different on other chains?

Stably USD is a stablecoin that is backed by USD and operates natively on multiple blockchain networks. It is currently available on over 12 different chains, such as XRP Ledger, VechainThor, Harmony, Polymesh, Chia, and the Bitcoin network, where it is issued as a BRC20 token.

On most networks, Stably USD is recognized by the symbol “USDS.” However, a separate BRC20 token also named USDS was introduced on the Bitcoin network by an unknown party unrelated to Stably and Prime Trust in March 2023. The “fake” BRC20 USDS token is not a stablecoin and, as far as we are aware, has no real value or utility. This also means that the “USDS” symbol is now unusable because the BRC20 standard does not allow duplicate token symbols. Unfortunately, this problem of unrelated parties claiming existing token symbols has been prevalent since the creation of the BRC20 standard in March 2023. By the time Stably started developing its BRC20 stablecoin in mid-May 2023, most of the relevant stablecoin symbols had already been taken, leaving only a few options that still contain the “USD” characters, including “#USD” (BRC20 tokens must have a 4-character symbol).

Ultimately, our team decided to adopt the symbol “#USD” for the BRC20 version of Stably USD. This choice reflects our appreciation for the influential role of social media and Internet meme culture in shaping the development, innovation, and global adoption of Bitcoin, blockchain, and digital assets.

Why is the maximum token supply 69,420,000,000,000?

69,420,000,000,000 is the maximum theoretical limit of BRC20 #USD tokens that can be issued/moved out of the Treasury Wallet (i.e., there must also be $69,420,000,000,000+ in fiat collateral backing those #USD tokens in circulation). For comparison, the global M2 money supply is about $100,000,000,000,000.

On the one hand, we are acknowledging and paying further homage to Internet meme culture. On the other hand, we are also anticipating the adoption of #USD to reach significant heights while being mindful of sustained US Dollar inflation in the foreseeable future.

#USD on Bitcoin MEME

For all support inquiries, contact our support team via the support messenger or visit our Help Center.

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About Stably

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Stably is a US-based FinTech providing fiat onramp and stablecoin infrastructure to digital wallets, decentralized applications, Web3 projects, and blockchain development organizations. Our mission is to power the next billion Web3 users with a superior fiat <> crypto onramp to all popular and emerging blockchain ecosystems.

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