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Become a Stably Ambassador: Get Involved and Make a Difference

Categories: AnnouncementsPublished On: February 14th, 20233.6 min read

Stably is pleased to unveil its new Ambassador Program, aimed at driving the growth of stablecoin solutions in the rapidly evolving FinTech and blockchain landscape. Don’t miss this chance to make a significant impact and join the Stably Ambassador Program today.

As an Ambassador, you will receive comprehensive training, marketing materials, and ample opportunities to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Our goal is to recruit individuals passionate about crypto, blockchains, and stablecoins and provide them with the tools and resources needed to grow in this field. This program is an exciting opportunity for those looking to enhance their experience in Web3.

At Stably, we believe that stablecoins play a critical role in the growth of the crypto industry and the Web3 ecosystem by providing a stable, reliable, and accessible way to store, transfer, and trade value. We have created Stably Ramp, a self-custody stablecoin gateway that makes it easy for users to buy and sell stablecoins on over 15 blockchains, with bank payments, and support for over 200 countries/regions. With the help of our ambassadors, we are poised to make a significant impact in the DeFi and stablecoin space.

The role of Stably Ambassadors is to act as a resource within the blockchain ecosystem and connect wallets, dApps, and protocols with Stably’s offerings. Stably will provide training and support from our Sr. Business Development Manager, Alberto De Pablo, to ensure ambassadors have the knowledge and skills to effectively promote the company’s solutions, including product information, compliance requirements, and sales techniques. Matthew Barrett, Stably’s Marketing Manager, will also provide ongoing support to help ambassadors succeed. In recognition of their efforts, ambassadors will receive referral fees for each successful deal they contribute.

Compliance is a critical aspect of the Stably Ambassador Program. To ensure ambassadors represent the company ethically and professionally, Stably will provide compliance training covering industry regulations, guidelines, and company policies and procedures. There will also be requirements for participation in the program, including proof of identity, and other relevant documentation. Ambassadors will be required to sign a code of conduct agreement outlining their responsibilities and obligations as a Stably representative. These compliance measures protect the company and its partners and provide a positive experience for ambassadors.

Stably will provide marketing materials to help ambassadors effectively promote our stablecoin solutions. This includes Stably apparel, such as hats and shirts, which ambassadors can wear to raise awareness and promote the brand. Additionally, ambassadors will have access to the Stably pitch deck, which provides a comprehensive overview of the company, its products, and its vision for the future. The pitch deck includes key statistics, customer testimonials, and other marketing collateral that ambassadors can use to communicate our stablecoin solutions’ value effectively. If you’re passionate about stablecoins, DeFi, and blockchain, apply to become a Stably Ambassador and help shape the future of money.

Join the discussion and expand your knowledge on our newly established Discord Room, “Ambassador Program.” Connect with us via this Invitation link and actively contribute towards making a difference with Stably’s innovative stablecoin solutions. We are looking for five talented individuals to join this program.

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