Pawket Wallet Integrates with Stably Ramp

Categories: AnnouncementsPublished On: February 17th, 20232 min read

Stably Ramp and Pawket Wallet Partner to Enhance User Experience and Drive Digital Asset Management Innovation

Pawket, the multi-platform wallet that supports Web/Android/iOS, has teamed up with Stably Ramp to provide users with a more comprehensive experience managing their digital assets. The integration with Stably Ramp allows Pawket users to purchase USDS within the wallet effortlessly.

This integration with Stably Ramp brings the stability of stablecoins to Pawket users, making it even easier for them to manage their digital assets confidently. Whether you are a seasoned crypto investor or just beginning, this partnership provides a complete solution for digital asset management.

Stably is honored to join forces with Pawket and its vibrant community to drive innovation and improve the user experience. We look forward to helping even more users unlock the full potential of their digital assets and to a successful partnership.

You can follow the easy steps below to buy/sell Stablecoins on Pawket Wallet :

  1. Start a buy or sell order through the Stably Ramp and create a new account by submitting your KYC.
  2. Once approved for KYC, complete your transaction via bank transfer or credit/debit card (wallet address is passed along by Pawket)
  3. Stably converts fiat to stablecoin and sends it to your wallet.

Stably Ramp

Stably Ramp is a leading fiat-to-stablecoin gateway, offering low friction payment options such as Fedwire, SWIFT, ACH, and instant ACH, with superior exchange rates compared to other fiat ramps for stablecoins. Once integrated with a DeFi aggregator in Q2, Stably Ramp will become omnichain, offering access to 100+ digital assets on 25+ networks, including popular stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, USDS, BUSD, DAI, and FRAX. With a focus on self-custody settlement, users receive purchased assets directly in their non-custodial wallet, reducing custody risk and increasing security. Stably Ramp offers worldwide coverage, supports 40+ currencies and 200+ countries/regions, making it the top choice for Web3 BUIDLers to enable their users to buy/sell stablecoins using traditional bank payments. 

To try Stably Ramp, visit and for integration information, contact us and learn about their partner revenue sharing program.

About Pawket 

Pawket is a wallet for managing Chia (XCH) and Custom Asset Tokens (CATs) on the Chia blockchain. It provides features such as multiple account management, offer transactions, and the ability to issue custom CATs. Pawket is designed to be secure and user-friendly, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Stably is a US-based FinTech providing fiat onramp and stablecoin infrastructure to digital wallets, decentralized applications, Web3 projects, and blockchain development organizations. Our mission is to power the next billion Web3 users with a superior fiat <> crypto onramp to all popular and emerging blockchain ecosystems.

For more information, contact Stably.

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