How Bots Can Make Crypto Trading Easier | Neil Sisson, Marketing Director of Upbots (FTC 17)

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How Bots Can Make Crypto Trading Easier | Neil Sisson, Marketing Director of Upbots (FTC 17)

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FTC Episode 17

Have you ever wondered how many crypto traders can automate their trades with some algorithms yet still gain passive profits? Meet Neil Sisson from Upbots, where traders and newbies can exchange their trading experience together through bots.

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BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Hey everyone, welcome and thanks for watching. Today we are joined by Neil Sisson, did I say that right, Neil? (NEIL SISSON: Yep, Sisson…) All right, awesome awesome. Neil is the marketing director of Upbots. Now Upbots has a phenomenal platform and something that we’re going to talk about here shortly, but Neil, first and foremost… you know, thanks for joining us today, and tell us a little bit about yourself? 


NEIL SISSON: Sure yeah I am a marketing veteran. I would say I’ve been in the working in the marketing industry for 20 years and I kind of dipped my toe into crypto around 2013. I’ve always worked with IT tech companies. And yeah around 2013, a friend of mine… all my my friends are nerds and geeks and developers IT guys… you know, so a friend of mine said to me that there was this internet currency. It was completely digital and yeah, this thing called bitcoin. Around 2013, sometime I heard about it and… you know, we had this weird conversation where I didn’t really understand anything. He was saying and he was seemed quite enthusiastic about it anyway, but to me at the time, I just thought okay I don’t get it. But I did it, did pique my curiosity and I bought a little… I bought a couple… a couple of bitcoin at a hundred dollars each. I think somewhere around 100 mark just to see what the hell and it was really difficult. I mean today… you know, it’s funny… it’s still difficult for people, the types of people that are on boarding today… you know, that the sort of… you know, everyday person who’s only ever had money in their bank account. You know, I’ve had friends who are smart people who say, oh it’s hard, I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do and all that. But compared to 2013, it’s… it’s like a walk in the park, the infrastructure today is… it’s just… it’s amazing how much it’s come on but anyways at the time I bought a couple bitcoin, decided the only thing I could do with them was like… you know, spend them on the dark web. I didn’t really know what the point was. I wasn’t on the dark web trying to buy anything, so I was like okay it seems kind of pointless whatever and I just sort of… just sort of gave up and forgot about it. And then in 2017, when we had that crazy ball run around… around I think August in 2017, I was doing the whole digital nomad thing, traveling around the world and living out of my suitcase. And I was in Cambodia and some guys that were also in Cambodia placed a job at that I responded to. They were looking for someone to do marketing for their crypto startup. This is at the ICO boom days and… you know, I thought that was really cool for a number of reasons not the least of which I never expected to find work in Cambodia, which is not saying anything bad about Cambodia, just that… you know, I was used to working for American companies and Irish companies and Australian companies and things like that. So anyways, that was my sort of intro back into the scene in a sort of a professional capacity. And yeah… you know, at the time it was nuts, I was keeping bitcoin on a zero card and like… I don’t know if you remember those cards, but you could use… it was a visa card. And you know, I kept… kept going out to lunch with people and saying oh bitcoins paying for this like… you know, I would check the balance on the account before lunch and check it afterwards. And I’d have more money in my camp despite the fact that we’d eaten and at the time I was just like okay this… this is crazy, I still don’t really understand it but I definitely love it now, because… you know, I can see how it’s just an unparalleled opportunity to… to create wealth for the average everyday person… you know, which I am definitely one. So yeah, that’s when I sort of really got back into crypto. And you know, I dabbled a little bit in trading. I bought some an assortment of assets I would say, when 2018 hit, I spent most of the next two years kind of trying to forget about what I had bought, because… you know, my wallet… I’d log in every now and again to… to check on the status of things and it was… yeah, it was just… it was pretty sad… you know. I never thought that it was going to die as a scene, but I did definitely think, god okay it’s… I wonder what’s going to be the impetus the spark that gets things… you know, going again. And then, when I was still traveling around in towards the end of 2020 I guess 2019, I was in Bali, I bumped into Benjamin, our CEO. And yeah, I was there with my… my girlfriend, he was there with his girlfriend. And we were both obviously independently traveling around. We were working from the same co-working space. And yeah, it just seemed like a really cool guy and we just kind of hit it off, started talking about crypto again, and fast forward, I guess six… I think it was around May or June of 2020, we started talking and he had mentioned to me before when we met that he was doing something. They were building bots and there was going to be some… it’s going to be a really cool platform involving bots and it was going to open up crypto trading for… for everybody, basically make it more accessible etc. And what I didn’t at the time that… didn’t really… you know, that just sort of went over my head and turned out he was… they were already like he had done so much work and pitching things to investors. And the whole genesis of Upbots had already happened. But I reached out just to say hi and see how things were going in… I think around May of 2020. And he was saying you’re not going to believe this but I’m actually typing up the job… the job spec to for a marketing director type role in the… in the company. We’ve gotten a lot of private funding and… and we’re… we’re gearing up to go for an IEO. And he goes, it’s top secret but it’s… there’s a chance, it’s going to be the first IEO on FTX. And you know, I need someone marketing… you know, do you think that this is something that you’d be interested in. I was at the time… you know, I was just coming up to the end of a project and that I’ve been working on and… yeah, it was just serendipitous, I suppose timing wise. So I took a look at the white paper and just loved the idea, and I loved just about everything about it actually. You know, they weren’t being greedy with the market cap… was quite reasonable. And there was the guys on the team had a really solid background in trading, the team of traders working for the sister company 4C trading which I had heard of and… you know, got to know a few of the guys in there. Yeah, and it just seemed being sort of overseen by the Swiss regulator… so you know, it had an error of I would say… or had that sort of sense of legitimacy you know… in a space where it’s still regulation is still this big this big tug of war between… you know the… on the really experimental side on one hand and the… the actual legit finance side on the other hand. You know, so I just felt like yeah, this is really good timing, I know I really like Ben and get… you know, that we get along and… and everything about this project looks… looks like it’s… it’s gonna be a winner. So I thought yeah, let’s… let’s do it, so we we hashed out a deal and the rest as they say is history. And you know, after that we went for the IEO, we actually ended up being the third ieo on FTX. They were an early investor and sort of… we were sort of like an incubation project with them. They are… they’re great. FTX are great but they are… that is an intense company to work for. I would say I’m guessing, but I would say because I mean their CEO doesn’t sleep apparently. He’s a polyphasic sleeper or something, so he naps for 20 minutes at a time. And yeah just I mean, though I think I have nothing but respect for Sam and everything that he’s built there. It’s… it’s an amazing company when you see the amount of moves that they make the things that they’re in and you know… 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: FTX is gonna… they’re actually looking to be the first crypto company to do a sports arena deal you seen that recently them actually in Miami. The miami the arena that the Miami heat play in FTX, it was announced and the city already approved it sounds like it’s moving towards final approval. 


NEIL SISSON: Wow amazing, yeah that’s awesome. I’m not surprised. I mean I don’t know I would say it’s very hard to keep up with… with everything that goes on there, because like they acquired just since we started dealing with them. And we were… you know, gearing up to go for IEO, they had acquired portfolio they launched. I mean, it seemed like every week on Twitter they were talking about something new, Serum… you know, Solana, that the partnership with Solana and Solana is another project that I think is going to be absolutely phenomenal in the future. I’m very happy that I bought a bunch of that just after their IEO, so yeah I think it was great. We did our IEO, it was oversubscribed in like 90 seconds, which was amazing and then… you know, and then sort of we hit a patch where we were like, okay we’ve got the funding, we’ve gotten the sort of let’s say market feedback that we… what we think which is that this is going to be an awesome project, is that’s been validated and so now, we have to… to take all the plans and turn it into something concrete and… And yeah, and that’s pretty much been the journey up until about two weeks ago. So this is… this chat is… is coming out quite quite a timely, quite a timely time, because yeah, we’re about two weeks or approximately two weeks out from the launch of the… of the the first commercial platform. We’ve actually been… we’ve had a live product for about… I think, since the early, the very start of January. We’ve had a sort of a demo MVP, so it’s just been constantly updated two three times a week. And yeah, people have been able to trade bots, they’ve been able to make manual trades and monitor their portfolio. I actually really like the portfolio tracker, because it just API connects to… to a bunch of exchanges or at least the ones I use. And so you can see everything. It’s really really nice. We’ve got a partnership with Covalent, so we’ve got all these data feeds coming in from them for Ethereum and for Binance Smart Chain now. And those guys are awesome as well, they’re…, they’re building at a rate of knots like every time I log into… my into my bots account, I see new… new altcoins that I’ve… you know, like stuff that… I mean, I just bought something yesterday that was only listed on… it was only listed on Pancakeswap yesterday, so that’s the first time it was available and I saw it today. And you know, what’s that… that’s already in there and in there… in the Binance smart chain feed. So those guys are doing a great job as well. And yeah, so that’s kind of where we’re at and… the, as I say the commercial platform will be live in about two weeks and that empowers our tokenomic. It turns the… turns the token on kind of… I mean the token’s been tradable since last September, but now there’s a real use case for… for it. Because the really unique and interesting thing about Upbots is that… you know, because we’re built on the blockchain, it means that it allowed us that fact allowed us to create sort of an ecosystem for success and where… you know, Upbots doesn’t charge users anything to use the bots, but when the… when they make a successful trade, we take a performance fee, so we take us a percentage of the… of the win so to speak so, and that percentage is split up then between so the algo developer who created the algorithm that powers the bots that they’ve chosen to activate on their account gets get that person gets a percentage that’s his reward, and what bots takes a percentage to help with the upkeep of the platform, and then the same amount as whatever the algo dev decides, they get to choose how much they want in terms of the reward percentage themselves, and whatever they decide is matched with another. So if they say… they say I want to take four percent, well then four percent is taken for… for two things, half for the burn fees so that burns half of the UBXT token, and half for the… the profit pools or what we’re calling them, it’s basically… it’s the reward that goes to people who stake the token. So yeah, so the token economy is insane for what’s actually. 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah that’s awesome. Most platforms that that I know that… I don’t know I’m sure they don’t do the exact same thing that you do, but that are similar typically are just like up front cost a hundred plus dollars a month (NEIL SISSON: Yeah) And I think that’s why some people don’t stick with it, because someone’s just starting out may not get to be where they’re… they’re trading that much to… to make it worth their while… 


NEIL SISSON: Exactly and that’s… that’s the whole paradigm we wanted to try and change with Upbots. If you’re… when you… when you only charge when somebody wins and you only charge a percentage of whatever they won, a couple of things happen. First of all, it makes it really accessible for you newbies because they can… they can just trade a hundred or five hundred dollars… you know, they don’t have to… they can put 500$ on a bottom just sit back and let it do its thing. And you know, that’s what they’re going to pay in fees is going to be very small compared to someone who goes in and they’re like I have… you know, a million dollars and I want to be managed by 10 bots and they’re going to pay much more in terms of fees. So you know, now for that person maybe paying 100 dollar upfront is… is not a big deal. And you know, we’ll have to see how that… how that argument shakes out. But certainly for the newbies… you know, it feels… I don’t know. It feels a lot better to me that we… we have a situation where… you know, you’re only paying a percentage basically of whatever you win so yeah… so they can try things out, they can get into the platform, you can track your portfolio for free, and there’s other tools in there that you can use for free. We have our community, is so awesome actually in Upbots. It’s really… it’s really been amazing to watch that grow… so you know, people, you get access to those people as well and… you know, when we listen, we a big big part of the ethos of the company has always been to listen… you know, one person giving feedback…. is it always gets noticed. And we don’t always agree but we always listen and we always evaluate the merit of whatever the feedback is. And then… you know, and… and regularly like in all of almost every single week in the updates that get pushed out to the platform for the last three months, there’s been a few things that have been suggested by the community… you know, that we’re rolled into the… into the update so… 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah, so couple of questions… so you mentioned more… you know, for the… for the new people, it… it’s a great because they don’t have to pay a lot upfront to get started trading. And I love that you mentioned… I mean earlier, when you were talking about yourself about how hard it was back in the early days and I kind of chuckled now when I see people complaining because they’re like, oh there’s only 20 cryptocurrencies on coinbase where they’re usually getting started at. And I’m like… you know, if we think back to the days where we had to find all these shifty exchanges or ATMs or (NEIL SISSON: Yeah) So it’s definitely making it easier so your platform… you would say, is geared really for everybody right, for the newbie, for the… the new person getting started to the person that’s already trading that maybe wants to get it all on… onto one dashboard? 


NEIL SISSON: Yeah so I think… I think that’s the… that’s the key thing and it comes back to that ecosystem thing that I talked about before… so like if you’re a total newbie, the reasons you would love the platform are because the interface is really simple to use. It’s… you know, it’s a… it’s a nice place to be and you can track all your things in one spot. So you can just see… you don’t have to log into 15 different exchanges and try and figure out things, but for the absolute newbies… you know, you’ve got bots that will trade on your behalf. So you don’t need to know technical analysis, you’ve got a bot that follows like 20 different signals, 20 different indicators and when a certain… you know, algorithm is satisfied, it buys in and when the opposite happens, it… it sells. So you can just sit back and let it do its thing and then, because we’re an aggregator like… we don’t… we don’t build those algorithms, they’re not our bots, we just provide the software to allow brilliant master traders who can create algorithms to… to basically plug their algorithm in somewhere and to give them a monetization option basically, so algorithm developers will do very… very well without bots. And if their algos do well for the people who are using them, okay so in that way, they’re incentivized to create a algorithms that do well… they do well, the users do well and so everybody’s winning now. And actually as a matter of fact, when that happens also Upbots wins because of the way that the tokenomic is structured. So the more users we have on the platform, the more… sorry, the more active users we have on the platform, the more demand there is for the token. So in theory, the token price goes up and then everybody wins, so it’s really really… it’s really cleverly designed actually. And yeah, and then for the… for the master traders, for the really advanced guys well, they have all sorts of monetize up… monetization options because it’s not just a case of being able to develop algorithms, although that is it that’s the name of the game for the bots side of things, but we’re also going to launch a social copy trading elements to the platform where if you have a trader that you follow… you know, one of the TA guys I don’t know Murph Ski… let’s say one of those types of guys on Youtube or wherever Twitter… and you know, could be that they’re in there and they… you know, they have their own… they’ve opened up their… their trades for copying. And it’s very similar to the setup for the bots in that… you know, if you’re a… you know, if you’re a trader who wins more than you lose, then the people who are following you are going to also be winning. And then… you’re going to… you’re going to get a percentage of… of their winnings basically. And so it’s win-win win. Yeah so, I think there’s a place for both… for both. Yeah I think people are looking for that some like to automate and some like to follow and… and do that so, I’ve definitely seen a demand for that not currently with the bots is… there like a performance tracker that shows kind of like a win-loss ratio, how they’re doing. Yeah so that’s, something that… we’re looking to improve all the time obviously… and you know, we are… it is still in the MVP stage, but we’re pretty close to having something that’s that’s quite quality. So basically at the moment, you can see the performance fees of the last 30 days, 90 days and six months just on the summary page. And then, when you go in, you can… you can also see the the drawdown, so the maximum amount that it could potentially lose in any trade, and then you can see a complete history of all the trades at the bot. So if you want to go down through every single trade, it’s made and look at the… and those figures are all uncompounded. So actually, you would do better than that if once the full platform is open or if you’re using a small amount of capital actually at the moment. And that’s because at the moment, the bots are limited to two and a half thousand USDT equivalent value and per bot. It’s just while we’re in the scaling up stage, we were testing the scalability… you know, we’re adding lots of new users, so right now we have more than 3000 users on the platform, which is… which is pretty amazing considering we’ve actually completely blown our target out of the water. It’s still only in the demo phase and so, yeah so we’re hoping that it’s… it seems that at least so far that all of our scaling tests have passed. I mean of course, there’s been a few bugs here and there, but those have been dealt with very quickly and actually really there haven’t been many, I would say comparatively to most software projects that I’ve worked on in the past, which is great and is definitely what you need when you’re dealing with people’s money, it has to be… it has to be perfect. And that’s… you know that’s our goal is to aim for perfection, so yeah, so that’s… that’s kind of where we’re at. There’s a few other features of the platform that I didn’t even talk about yet. One is for beginners, the education side as a whole training marketplace where… you know, where training providers will be able to go in and sell their courses, sell their training courses, and then so that’s kind of designed because… you know, at the end of the day knowledge is power, and there is definitely a knowledge gap for anybody who… who is… who’s just coming to the idea of actually owning their own money versus trusting a third party and… you know, there’s a… there’s a mental… there’s some mental gymnastics you have to do to get… to get ready for that. And so that’s a big important part. And the other part is that is the bot creator and algo lab. So we’re going to have two areas where people can actually create their own bots and algorithm developers will be able to go in and develop their own algorithms in through the interface and plug it in directly themselves, so those are sort of in the five-year I would say, two to five year plan. 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Nice so you mean like… like an algorithm, so someone that’s a successful like… say algorithmic trader that may not know the code to build their own bot, they’ll be able to kind of go in and create… create their bot based on their… their trading? 


NEIL SISSON: Yeah and in fact, with the bot creator, you don’t even need necessarily to have… you know, a lot of algorithm trading background. You’ll be able to go in there. You’ll be able to use TradingView to… to connect certain conditions, so alerts from TradingView into so… if this condition is met, if this condition is met all through it like a point-to-click interface. And I mean obviously you need to have TradingView skills and the bot creator, but if you have that, you can set the bot up, you can back test it to see how it would have done and all through the interface. If you’re happy with the back test and you want to put it live for yourself, you can do that and if it’s… if it’s a high quality algorithm that you’ve created, you can even submit it for quality assurance to our team. And if it passes the QA then you can… it can get listed as a bot for the community, so yeah in that way, we’ve really tried to aggregate all the best services and create tools that open things up for everybody. Yes, you don’t have to be… I’m loved to use the term… but to democratize as much as possible, everything every aspect of… of crypto trading and wealth generation for the… for the individual let’s say… 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome, one thing… you know, I know you kind of touched on it briefly, but I really want to highlight is… you know, for people watching is that that appeals to me when I see platforms like the one Upbots and… and your team is created, is the fact that it’s not a custody solution like people can still control their crypto within their own now grants in their own exchange accounts… and, but they can control it by just plugging API, so they’re not giving over total control, total custody to other people which is what like you mentioned earlier owning your own money, like being able to have ownership and control? 


NEIL SISSON: Sure yeah and that’s… that’s a big… that’s a big feature and for us too… you know, when you build a software and platform in the crypto space, you… you know, you… it’s impossible to not be aware of the fact that there is no… there is no environment on earth that’s more hostile than the crypto environment from a hacking and… you know, scamming perspective… you know, if we had a situation where we had custom custody of… of funds, I mean… you know, I’m not envious of crypto exchanges. Let me put it like that because… yeah I mean they must literally deal with like thousands of attacks a day I would imagine and where there’s just people trying to… always trying to penetrate their… their security systems. And I mean they’re successful from time to time. Yeah yeah well that’s it exactly and yeah, so for us, we, the custodial thing is… is not really part of the agenda. I think we’re about to launch our staking solution and our own on platform staking solution. We’ve had staking on FTX for a little while, and they… they helped us out with that and put it… put a staking solution on there on the exchange there, so they were the first centralized exchange where you could buy UBXT, and it’s been… it’s been great. They… you know, they got that up and running for us very quickly. We were able to offer UBXT staking as a… as a mechanism by way by which people could… yeah, where we could give people who were supporting the project from the early days a very nice APR of 25%. And then they would also get access to the… the trading bots and new features etc through the demo and so… so yeah, so that’s been pretty… pretty good. But we’re about to launch our own… actually today, we’ll launch our own… sorry today we’re going to announce it and sometime in about the next week, we launch our own staking… staking thing through the platform where people will be able to take their UBXT. It’s a smart contract-based solution and so that’ll be nice as well that’ll give us a… you know, that’s the first… the first step, let’s say in the commercial version. And the next big thing is… is getting performance fees because once we have revenue coming in from the trades that are happening on the platform. And then we’re able to reward everybody basically who’s a participant in the system, so yeah the… the wealth gets redistributed to everybody and including the stakers who will get… he’ll be able to take advantage of the profit pools let’s say. But actually, we just taking… our initial staking the… through the smart contract will have… I think it’s 5 million UBXT or something like that as an initial reward pool. 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah so something I wanted to touch on man before we go to wrap up. Awesome things you talked about with staking and everything else you mentioned something earlier that caught my attention. I want to clarify because I think something else that… that you mentioned offer is something unique compared to other maybe trading platforms, you mentioned Pancakeswap, so there’s the ability to plug into some decentralized exchanges as far as Pancakeswap and… and can you also do like Uniswap or…? 


NEIL SISSON: Yeah yeah, so there’s a number of different aspects of that question, so you can track your portfolio on Binance Smart Chain and on Ethereum at the moment. We will add more chains eventually. We… you can… you can also do direct DEX swaps. We have a dex swaps interface already up and running on the demo that uses… our partner on that is dexag so it uses xblaster, and which is their…. it’s sort of like a search engine I suppose for the best… the best price swaps. And it queries everybody on the Ethereum blockchain, so 1inch, Uniswap, all of them Sushi as well, etc etc. And yeah… and then, as well as, that we have… we have the token, our token is now platform agnostic. So you can buy UBXT on Solana. You can buy it on… buy on Smart chain. And you can buy it on the Ethereum blockchain through all of Uniswap, Sushi swap, Pancakeswap, Serum, Solana so yeah… (BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome awesome.) Yeah that’s kind of the… well the idea is to be like our… our primary goal is to be the one interface that you need irrespective of your level to… to be able to trade to be able to invest I mean DeFi is DeFi has taken the world by storm last year. And yeah we are definitely… definitely keen on the… the potential that… that has let’s say, for the future. So open finance, some of these things are amazing, some of them are ridiculously risky, and you know, we because FINMA the financial regulator in Switzerland, where the… the company is hq’d, because we very much want to be regulate… isn’t the right word we want. We want to make sure that we are abiding by the letter of the law, the letter of the swiss application of law, as it applies to crypto. And we need their opinion on everything, they… they oversee everything and yeah, we can’t… they sometimes they tell us things that like we don’t like… you know, in terms of the things that we are… aren’t allowed to do, and that’s just… that’s just a byproduct of… of the… of a regulator moving more slowly than the… the evolving crypto scene, which is evolving so quickly. But it’s our hope and we will continue to endeavor to bring like the latest DeFi solutions that are… that we know are safe… let’s say, for investment and so. So yeah, whether you’re looking to just do a straight up manual trade, turn on a DEX swap… you know, really advanced manual trades as well. We’re gonna have this incredibly advanced manual trade feature where you can do like iceberg strategies and some of these… some of these other things that I don’t even really fully understand, but the traders in the… in the company do. Yeah so it’s… it’s… it’s gonna be the one place where you can go hopefully and… you know, really easy that you have a really good picture of everything that’s happening with your crypto portfolio. 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome awesome I’m looking forward to… to really like I told you, I’ve browsed the platform but I’m looking forward to using it and checking it out over the next… next few days and weeks just to… yeah man, to try it out. So as we wrap up, Neil, tell everybody where can they find more information about Upbots. How can they connect with you, your company and the team? 


NEIL SISSON: Sure well, as far as the company goes is our… is our website, pretty much links for everything is on there. The telegram is our… probably our most active… our most active community I would say, also on our Twitter. Yeah, Twitter is @Upbotscom. For me personally, if you want to… if you want to hit me up on Twitter, I’m @neilsisson. The same for Telegram. And yeah, come… come join us in the Telegram group, it’s… we have a real… really awesome community. The guys in there are… are are really cool people. And yeah, it’s usually pretty good fun in the chat. I like going there to hang out actually, so yeah come say hi. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome, well looking forward to it, Neil. I’m… you know, impressive what… you know, what you, Upbots has accomplished so far and looking forward to seeing all the… all the things coming out like you mentioned. And we kind of talked about a little offline as far as things coming, so any final word or for any of our viewers before we wrap up? 


NEIL SISSON: Well not really I just thanks for having me. And it’s been great to chat about the project if… if you are I would just say… maybe that if you’re… you know, if you’re either a total newbie to the crypto space, or you’ve been in a little while and you want to just sort of put some of your capital in a sort of a passive… passive income generating sort of a place, jump in setting up an Upbots free… sorry, setting up an account on Upbots is free. So it’s a… it’s a quick process, you can jump in and give it a try and come say hi on Telegram. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Absolutely, cool, well thanks again Neil for joining us and thanks everybody for watching and we will see you all on the next episode.


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Wayne has been managing, teaching, and coaching high performing teams for over 20 years. He has a passion for helping and teaching people and a passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. He has created various coaching programs and partnerships with select education platforms and cryptocurrency program tools.


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Stably is a US-based FinTech providing fiat onramp and stablecoin infrastructure to digital wallets, decentralized applications, Web3 projects, and blockchain development organizations. Our mission is to power the next billion Web3 users with a superior fiat <> crypto onramp to all popular and emerging blockchain ecosystems.

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