“Dogecoin Is One of the Best Kind of Introductory Cryptos” | Kyle Kemper, Cryptonaut (FTC ep 24)

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“Dogecoin Is One of the Best Kind of Introductory Cryptos” | Kyle Kemper, Cryptonaut (FTC ep 24)

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FTC Episode 24

In this episode, Blockchain Wayne interviews Kyle Kemper, Cryptonaut. He shared his vision about two projects he is working for, Swiss Key Wallet and Doge Disco, in which his ultimate goal is to help non-crypto people get into the advanced blockchain industry and crypto market with more fun and security at the same time.  

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Intro: Interviews on crypto, blockchain with your host, Blockchain Wayne on FTC. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Hey everyone, welcome and thanks for watching. Today we’re joined by a special guest, Mr. Kyle Kemper. And Kyle, I’m not sure how we’re going to describe you. I mean you wear many hats in the space and in the cryptocurrency world ecosystem, let’s just call you right a kryptonite! Would that be sufficient? 


KYLE KEMPER: Sure that’s a great title, hey Wayne! 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome man, so it looks like this is definitely going to be a fun interview, talking about some of what you’re doing with the… you know, we’ve got the… the Doge disco spinning in… in the screens, but we’ll get into that, man. But let’s start by telling everybody about… you know, your background man. What… what got you to what you’re doing today? How’d you get into the space? Just really what’s your story? 


KYLE KEMPER: Yes so great, I’m… you know, thrilled to be here, but first off, thank you for this wonderful show, and thank you Stably for all that you’re doing with regards to stablecoins and remittance and helping the world benefit from this wonderful technology. So my story is I’m a Canadian. I was born in Canada, hold a passport. I grew up in business and technology, went to university for Finance and Business and Marketing and Entrepreneurship, after that worked in Venture Capital, then worked in tech design, worked in my family restaurant for years. And then when I was working at the restaurant, someone came in and started talking all about Bitcoin and like a light bulb went off in my head, I’ve been looking at Bitcoin but had dismissed it, and that was like back in 2013. I’ve been looking at a lot of… a lot and then like just… just like anything new, I think we all kind of when we first saw, it just said like no… no this is stupid, but then kind of came around to it, the more impressions you eventually kind of… you know, get… get triggered to that aha moment. And so I had that in bitcoin in 2013, and then yeah, we installed a bitcoin ATM in our restaurant. I presented to the Senate of Canada showing them how it worked, joined the largest exchange in Canada that subsequently got acquired by Kraken. Yeah, I was just kind of all over the space for many years. I wrote a book called “Unified wallet unlocking the digital golden age”. I’ve been a pretty hardcore evangelist for the technology in terms of like… you know, really championing user experience and… you know, thinking about bitcoin and crypto like beyond, just like… you know, a speculative asset that is all about making money, a little noise in the background. I’ve got my son. Sequoia, Sequoia, out of here. Sorry! And… and so yeah, and then this… this journey has become been kind of all over the place in the last couple years. I’ve been focusing on… on building SwissKey, which is a… a self-custody kind of suite of solutions to make using crypto really simple and secure and convenient. We’ve got a product that we work with company called Tangem to make these… you know, really handy, really easy to use, very… very powerful cards. And yeah and then recently, I’ve been launched… launched the Doge disco with Gary Lachance and a crew of amazing superstars from all around the world. And we’re using the BLOCKv platform to create a NFT meta layer on the world that combines like doji gachi with or I mean tamagotchi with like pokemon go with NFTs. It’s totally wild. It’s been quite the journey, and we’re super stoked to be releasing this, making the beta public in a couple weeks. (BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: It’s awesome) That’s a little slice of what I’m into. 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah definitely want to jump into that. I mean I think we’re going to save that to talk about in a minute, but back up to SwissKey for a second. How does… how does SwissKey work? And what makes it unique from other cryptocurrency wallets? 


KYLE KEMPER: Right so I’ll just speak to the card. So ultimately, we’re looking at the mobile wallet, and then the physical card. But we’ll just speak to the card right now, because I think that’s what’s most important or most like interesting and unique. So the card itself is the key you it has an nfc antenna and a microchip inside of it. The microchip generates the public and private keys. The keys cannot be exported from the card, so it becomes a case where… like your card your coins your crypto. And each card supports multiple different cryptos, but in order to… you know, use it, you actually need to, you pull up your wallet and just actually give a little… give a little demo of it too open up. This app called Tangem, not sure if we can see. Yeah there we go, and you tap the card… it goes… done! And then inside it pulls up the wallet, so you got Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, supports Ethereum, Binance, Litecoin, RSK, Tezo,s Ripple and then all ERC20 tokens. And yeah, and when you put crypto onto here, whoever has the card… has the crypto and there’s no setup, there’s no password, there’s no seed mnemonic. So it’s like just really… really simple, and that’s what I’m about is like how do we make things really… really simple so I could like… you know, give this to my father or mother or cousin or child. And like… you know, here’s a means of giving crypto, and then they can store it so long as they just know to protect it. And yeah all sorts of fun applications with these too. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Nice so when people ask all the time, how do they give crypto to family, to their kids, that’s a great way to do it, right? Just they can load it and turn it over whoever has the color type or test video. 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah exactly, and like… you know, and you can also like… you know, one of the challenges or one of the… you know, the challenge is one of the… the things about crypto is like if you have crypto very accessible like… you know, in a mobile wallet or on exchange, it can be very easy to trade or sell or make impulsive decisions around it, like when you see the markets moving, so one of the cool things with these cards is you can… you can literally like… you know, screen, you can use your phone to get the addresses, to screenshot the addresses and then if you put the card somewhere that you don’t have easy access to, it kind of acts like… you know, a cold storage hard wallet, where… you know, if you for example like buried it six… like you know, five feet under the ground in your backyard, in a little treasure chest, and you could then keep loading it, but you’re not gonna… it’s not gonna be that easy for you to sell. Or if you have two properties like keeping it somewhere else that you don’t have access to and then every now and then beaming money to it and… you know, on this little Doge could be a QR code of… you know, of one of the wallet addresses for… you know, for it and if I just scan that and just send some money to it, it would then get associated to the private key that’s on the card. In order to move it I would need to have access to the card, so it’s pretty… you know, that’s pretty unique and ingenious and simple way to do it. And yeah this is the cards… is like all sorts of stuff because they’re nfc enabled, like we can able tap and pay to. So you know, I know we… like I met… met you at the Miami Crypto Experience Conference, and like what a great show that was… you know, in the future, it’s potential that… you know, we might be able to use the cards as… you know, as a casual like… you know, a quick kind of spending solution within… within the… you know, within the… the conference, isn’t food for thought? 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah yeah it’s definitely a great idea. I mean we want to make it more of an experience, so the more people can utilize and experience that process the better. (KYLE KEMPER: Totally) Yeah cool man, so great stuff with SwissKey. Make sure you check out SwissKey wallet. I’ve actually got one myself… you know, and just trying to figure out how I’m going to use it other just loading a little bit of crypto. But I’m probably now leaning more towards ordering a few more just to take some of the crypt that I’ve got set aside for the kids and start… you know, just start loading it for them. And one day, they’ll get the card. 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah I mean it’s… it’s a great way, and also like… know that like if something happens to us, there’s no password protection on the card, so it’s like there’s nothing that like… you know, if we had some sort of something that was relying on us in order to access it like that’s not fair, so yeah it’s pretty convenient. If you want and anyone that’s interested in purchasing them, you go to swisskey.io to… to order them. And how would I set up a code, let’s say what… what’s your favorite number, Wayne? (BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: three, four or five digit number?) Let’s just see, just one digit number that was beginning. (BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: for me I would have to say, eight!) Eight, all right. So we’ll say eighteen percent off your order using the code: blockchain wayne. There you go! 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: There you go! All right yeah. Definitely check that out swisskeywallet.io! Did I get that right? (KYLE KEMPER: Yep) All right cool. (KYLE KEMPER: use code: blockchain wayne) Awesome! You know, how you store your crypto is important and people need to understand that custody of your crypto is important. If you’re not actively trading it on exchange then… you know, having… having custody of it is key, is important. So this is a perfect opportunity. I think some people would… would it be safe to say that you think some people are intimidated by hardware wallets like the… the devices like your ledger like browser or similar devices? 


KYLE KEMPER: I totally… I think that’s absolutely fair statement and rightly, so they… you know, they’re branded as like the first step a lot of people should take in crypto, which I think is ridiculous. Because that’s like… you know, buying a safe when you’re like… you know, you’re starting a piggy bank (BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: yeah) It’s totally crazy and the user experience on them is not particularly good, very complicated like they involve build tiny buttons and writing down 24 words generally and like… which is like I just think… I think it’s… I think it’s ridiculous as you become a pro, as you become holding larger amounts, there is… you know, there is good purpose to them… you know, there’s different ways they can be used, but it’s not something that everybody’s just run out… you know, if you’re gonna buy a thousand dollars of crypto running out, spending a hundred dollars on a on a hardware wallet to… you know, to secure that. I mean I recommend like Edge wallet. I think Edge is just a totally awesome wallet for… for new people. It supports multi-currency. It doesn’t… doesn’t force the writing down to seed mnemonic, just use the username and password. I’m a real really big fan of Edge wallet and actually working with them on part of the SwissKey stack so… 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Nice (KYLE KEMPER: Yeah) Nice yeah I mean you’re right. People don’t need to… you said it perfectly, well said. They don’t need to jump… jump into a hardware device as soon as they get in the crypto, because it should be relative, they should be getting into wallets like… like edge and others where they can easily get into crypto. And what you offer is a good… good bridge too to teach them… you know, the… the storage, the cold storage option. 


KYLE KEMPER: yeah and a lot of like you know these things are really technical like… so for example the… you know the… the hard like… you know, the ledgers and the Trezors and the keep keys the wallet, they’re just really technical solutions. And you know, they’re intimidating and yeah the user experience just kind of stinks. So yeah, just you know chill out on that like explore I think people are all like understanding… you know, most people in crypto or… or are kind of just looking at. Okay let’s just run, let’s get like… you know, in the really bad case. It’s like robinhood. It’s like… okay, like that’s like… you know, that’s a… that’s a sad case because that’s like… you know just trading… trading synthetic crypto instruments and never having access then you got like the coinbase, then people are treating coinbase like the full wallet, but it’s like a full-on bank, so like teaching people to get it out of coinbase and onto your own wallets and into your own control, so it really is your keys your control, your keys your crypto. You know, let’s say not your coins, not…, not your keys not your coins. I like to say your keys your coins but anyways, so yeah that’s… that’s part of it and then that’s like moving back past this is just like purely speculative asset that just… you know, number go up, money… money go up, kind of wealth go up, kind of looking at the technology versus like… oh damn like… you know, in four minutes in Miami, I was able to use Dogecoin to buy a hundred dollar of uber card and be rolling like… you know, paid for with crypto in less than five minutes like… you know, no bank account required, no credit card required, like that’s… that’s really something.


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: That’ll be your own bank. Nice nice! (KYLE KEMPER: your own bank) All right check that out at SwissKey. All right, Kyle, let’s jump into the… this is the part I’m looking forward to the interview. We’ve covered some great stuff so far, but let’s go back to the Doge disco man. Let’s that thing… let’s go back to the Doge disco. Yeah so now, there… there’s articles on… you know, by Cointelegraph and others about you. And I ran into you in person I remember at first, I saw you have bitcoin 2021 walk-in, didn’t realize it was you at first. I just saw a guy in a banana suit with a boom box, but there was a purpose of that you weren’t just going there to dress as a banana and walk through the halls of bitcoin 2021. So tell everybody about the… the mission and what is… what is Doge disco? 


KYLE KEMPER: Sure great so just a little bit of the back story is in 2017 I went to Dogecoin in Vancouver and I met a man named Gary Lachance who is the founder of the Decentralized Dance Party and he was one of the organizers of Dogecoin. And he culminated the event with a two hour long decentralized state of the union address where we had 25 interstellar delegates from all around the planet like… you know, giving incredibly impassioned speeches around a whole variety of topics. And it… and he closed the ceremony by giving like closing remarks and then turning on an FM transmitter and then the whole room was lined with boom boxes. And we started this crazy dance party that won for five hours in the streets of Vancouver. We had a ten bit like a ten foot… by ten foot paper mache Doge. We had a giant moon. We had a rocket ship. We were going all through the streets of Vancouver, just having an incredible time and so that was like my first kind of activation point regarding… regarding kind of decentralized dance party and Dogecoin. And then you know over the time, I learned more and more about like Gary and the DDP and he had this mission towards issuing these peace bonds. And we were looking at… looking to issue them, because like war bonds were issued to raise money for war, we were looking to raise issue peace bonds to raise money for peace. And so like we’re looking at platforms to do that on and we… you know, came across this platform called BlockV which is a really powerful NFT… NFT spatially aware geo-located like… you know, campaign platform if you will. And in talking to them they were like… we kind of realized how incredible this was. And we brought in some… you know, other people, we started thinking about… okay like let’s make a game out of this and… you know, we ultimately settle on the Doge disco. And then you know in the course of a month and a half or two months, we… you know, put together kind of an elite squad. (I’m sorry sorry, the kids be loud right now. I need a better studio, working on that) But so you know, we brought together all these people and we built out this game. And then we launched it in Miami where you know we dropped Doge all over the map. I can kind of show you a little like… you know, example of like… you know, around the windwood mana, they’re all these like dancing Doges. This is in the actual… this is the actual game map. It’s actually way cooler but on the map, it would show up and you would see all these different things. And then… and then in augmented reality, you can see them as well. And you know, you can pick them up and it’s kind of like Tamagotchi and you can take these different artifacts and coins and bring them all together… you know, into a really exceptional and really fun experience. So that was that and I decided let’s put on a banana suit, because part of the DDPs have always been our elite banana Doge army that would kind of raise hype for it and… you know, went into… into bitcoin 2021, which… you know, was one amazing kind of like… you know, show huge numbers. It was so wonderful to see everybody out there, see tons of friends, see all sorts of awesome companies from within the space I’ve seen a long time. And just to check back in and give out like… you know, a thousand stickers and speak a little bit about… you know, that the Doge is not something to like… you know, be afraid of… or like… you know, think is like… I don’t know a lot of people have these… kind of these thoughts around it, but just kind of spraying some kind of Doge consciousness, and exploring some of the fun themes around Doge, and also giving it to people. Because I really think Doge is one of the best kind of introductory cryptos to teach people how it all works. So you know, I gave away a fair bit of Doge like… you know, small amounts. Fortunately the value of like… you know, as it happens the value of Doge is so high now that you can’t give away as many, so it’s kind of fun to be able to give away like a thousand Doge or more, but now like a thousand dodge is like 300 bucks. So it’s like I can’t quite do that, so it’s like… oh you’re giving me 11 Doge. But we’re actually speaking with the Doge community about things but potential solutions to that and also reducing the… the fees down a lot too, so… 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah… you know, a lot of people haven’t really heard of Doge until Elon Musk started tweeting about it… you know, or maybe they’ve seen bits and pieces. So they don’t really understand the spirit of what Doge was created for, right? And I think I was even getting kind of disillusioned from it with all the hype, and everybody rushing in saying where to buy it, it’s going to a dollar, it’s going to ten dollars… and it took… you know, for me, I think I was thinking it was taking away some of the fun of it. But you’ve continued to push forward with the true mission of Doge. So he tells briefly like… I mean you know, the story about… about how wide Doge was created and the spirit it was created for? 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah and it was created as like a joke. It was like well bitcoin is open source… you know, it can just be copy and pasted. And with Doge, they just tweaked the… the monetary supply and… and you know, instead of having a hard cap, it’s got like… you know, a set kind of linear inflation rate, not an exponential inflation rate, a linear inflation rate. So it’s very much more like bitcoin than it is like… you know, the us dollar. But it was created as a joke, as a joke. It’s for fun and the roots of it are in this… you know, in this incredible image, in this beautiful Doge and… you know, which was the most famous kind of internet meme of all time and like… look at him, he’s so cute. And as you… as you stare into those eyes more and more, the more we kind of learn and… you know, the kids absolutely love him and people… you know, in general are… are… you know, really receptive to it. And the whole community is based on memes and fun and giving and like… there’s been all sorts of like really hilarious campaigns within the Doge community around giving it away, around like… they said the jamaican bobsled team to the olympics. They sponsored Josh Wise and like… got his nascar car wrapped… you know, through fan voting. They only… he just lost to Danica Patrick. This guy’s like an abs. It was like… you know, a tier like lower on the list, but through the Doge community, it became like really hilarious and fun. And you know, it’s kind of like ironic that… you know, and this is what kind of Elon Musk has talked about, too. It’s like… really like… you know, kind of… kind of like appropriate to the silliness that… you know, this thing became like a major world currency and that’s what’s happened, because it works and like… you know, and just like bitcoin, it can undergo like… you know, improvements too. But I think the community is a little bit probably more receptive towards going through improvements on the code itself to… say increase throughput and reduce fees and… you know, expand on it as we go forward. But yeah, it’s super fun and… you know, I have lots of stickers for it. I enjoy giving out Doge tickets to people like not even relating to the coins at all, just like that actual face that… that Shiba Inu pose. It’s quite… it’s quite the pose. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Absolutely, didn’t that original one just sell as an NFT for quite a bit of money? 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah, they just… they just sold… they sold the original photos. And it went like… yeah, they went… they went super… (BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: I think it was…) around four millions. 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah I think it was like four million if I’m not mistaken. Craziness! 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah well I mean it’s like… you know it’s probably the… I think it’s the most… most popular dog ever, like you know, photo of a dog ever, and like what it spawned. It’s like… you know, is internet culture, and… and you know, and it’s kind of like… you know, hacked adoption of crypto in a way a lot of value has been created through it, through its price rise… you know, and it’s a community that’s been generally based on gifting. And so you know, now we come back to like… disco and like… this is all about gifting too. So like you know, in the spirit of our game, we’re going to be enabling people to… you know, deposit Doge to an address and then make it rain Dogecoin around you, in your cities or you can choose like… you know, as I saying the eye of the storm, you can set the location, and then it’ll give you a Dogecoin address and say you send 50 Doge that address. 50 Dogecoin will appear on the map that you can then go collect or other people can go collect. So you know, that’s an example. We get smaller but for like… you know, someone who’s been in for a long time… you know, you can really drop a lot of these assets into the world and… you know, and gamify the collection of it. And you can set limits to like so… you know, one person doesn’t necessarily get to pick them all up. And you know ultimately our goal is really to be able to bring together people… you know, in celebration. We figure that we can drop these in coordinated batches to draw people together, to encourage dancing and partying in the spirit of the DDP. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome, awesome, man. So tell everybody where can they find out more about Doge disco? They want to test it out. 


KYLE KEMPER: dogedisco.com and yeah, there’s gonna… there’s… there’s a wait list for the app too, if you wanna get on the beta list that also available through dogedisco.com. If you’re interested in getting into… getting involved on the team, there’s a really awesome onboarding film forum on Dogedisco.com. We’re on all social media under the… the heading doge disco. And yeah, it’s there’s a bunch of hilarious content and the beta should be launching… you know, in a couple weeks. And we’ve got… if you want to be part of the alpha, we’re doing this proof of partying thing right now, where you dance for a couple minutes, and then show the Doge disco salute. And yeah we’ve created the hand signal on this whole thing, too. So one of the things the Doge does, he crosses his paws in his… in his… in his picture, we’ve also realized that if we point our hand up to the sky and bring it to our heart and disco prayer, and then we put our other hand out to the side and then bring it in, then we make a D and then our tail can wag. So this is the Doge disco salute. There’s just a lot of… we’ve got a really great team of really fun people, really intelligent people and… you know, really powerful tech on the back end. So we’re very… very stoked on this and looking forward to… you know, others playing with it and… you know, viewing the potential and getting engaged and… you know, ideally opening it up, so more people can kind of get involved. But it’s all at dogedisco.com, short answer.


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Cool man, so you know… it’s… it’s funny. I was just thinking about this, so last night I was leading a clubhouse discussion on crypto. And the… the term of adoption came up, because you see these different rooms, and communities pop up, and crypto people will flock to it easily. But how do we get more people that aren’t in the crypto to come in and learn and drop some of their barriers and just really enjoy and learn it? And I… honestly I’ve got to applaud what you’re doing here, because that’s… it’s fun right SwissKey makes it easy so that I see why you lined up with that one. And Doge just so brings the fun where people are gonna want to come and enjoy the process. And you know, literally they know they’re also gonna learn about crypto.


KYLE KEMPER: Exactly like… you know, games are fun, games are like… you know, are… have low… lower barrier. People are more willing to kind of try them… you know, and if we again be in deploying the game in a intelligent and fun manner, we can help guide people on… onto their crypto journey and… you know, just over the years in terms of adoption, it’s like… dude it’s always especially for new people. It’s like you just need to send a transaction to them… you like… there’s like four things that I like to do. It’s like send them like in person, like with a mobile wallet, send them in person, like scan the code, send it to them, have them send it back, and then like pretend we’re not together, copy the address, send the address, paste the address send it and then do the… do that again. So it’s like… you know, you’re explaining how you do it and you’re in person, and you have to explain how you’re doing it when you’re not in person, and you’re accomplishing send and receive on both sides, takes a little bit of time, takes a little bit of investment of like… you know, your time to set somebody else up. But by doing that, people will go through the natural questions, and have like a guide or a mentor to show them and answer those questions, and they’ll actually like… you know, it’s like telling somebody about email versus just sending an email. So when you send it, you’re like… okay I get it. And that’s the same thing… you know, with crypto I think. 


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah great stuff! Kyle man, it’s been definitely been an absolute pleasure having you on today, just to talk about SwissKey and Doge disco and your your background in the space. You know, I think… you know, people realize that I think more people are gonna flock to the fun than they will to… you know, just… just serious education. So I love what you’re doing. Decentralized dance parties may be coming to a city near you, right? You definitely brought that spirit to Miami? 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah and that’s what we want to like… you know, keep doing too as… you know, and creating… you know, turning the whole world into a dance floor effectively. And so yeah, that’s… that that’s what we’re on to. And we’re also gonna be having some virtual DDPs where we’re gonna use Zoom and we’ve got a pre-dialed setup. And we’ve got wicked music so… you know everybody like… you know, who’s still at home or wants to just kind of like… you know, join in a little bit of a virtual party. We’ve got that pre dialed, those will be happening I think every week. And then we’re all like culminating channeling everything towards September 21st. So mark your calendar, September 21st, we’re going to be setting up a world peace day. You know, part of our great mission of… of the Doge disco and the DDP is world peace. And we believe that dancing and… and partying done properly can really unify people. And so you know, our goal is to have a million people from all around the world dancing on September 21st. And we’re going to use the game as a catalyst towards bringing people together in celebration and rewarding and incentivizing… you know, human connection and unification and joyousness, silliness dancing so… 



BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Awesome, hard to see anybody angry, upset or… or even frowning when they’re dancing, right, when they’re… when they’re out. 


KYLE KEMPER: Yeah exactly and it’s like… you know, what it’s about… it’s about like… you know, dropping. That’s why we really encourage people to like… you know, wear some costumes and like… you know, whatever they’re comfortable with. But like by just putting on a costume, it just… it just helps like reduce like the ego barrier, and enables us to be a little bit more like… you know, like the natural children that we all are… you know, sometimes the world can be so serious and like… you know, and everything can be… people can really get focused on the seriousness of things. And by kind of dressing up and dancing, it can be very kind of refreshing and help assist in like raising the vibration especially when we’ve gone through like 15 months of like… you know a lower vibration that’s been more focused on like… you know, safety and security which is like Maslow’s lowest level of hierarchy of needs. So I would also attain that to like… you know, lower vibrational one could almost call it reptil… the reptilian kind of dimensional vibration, where people are very like… you know, concerned about safety and security and are operating from a point of fear. And as we try and move up that channel, we don’t necessarily worry about that. We must have that established but then we can move up and… you know, when we reach to the higher levels of… higher dimensions of vibrations… you know, that’s where we can… I don’t know, be a little bit more free and connected and dancing. And yeah… so you know, anything that we can do towards assisting in raising this vibration, this is one of our goals. And we want to bring people together to do that so, come dance with us.


BLOCKCHAIN WAYNE: Yeah absolutely, great stuff. All right, Kyle, thanks again for joining us today, man. This has been an absolute pleasure. I can’t wait for everyone to see this. And you know, everybody out there watching, thanks for watching. And hey we’ll catch you on the next episode, but make sure to check out Doge disco and SwissKey wallet. 


KYLE KEMPER: Absolutely, thank you!

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Kyle Kemper is the founder of Swiss Key Wallet, one of the leaders of the Million Doge Disco, and self-proclaimed Cryptonaut. Kyle dedicated his heart and actions to educate, inspire, learn, collaborate, and create in this space after discovering Bitcoin in 2013. The ecosystem is blossoming and it is triggering a renaissance age…a golden age. 

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Wayne has been managing, teaching, and coaching high performing teams for over 20 years. He has a passion for helping and teaching people and a passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. He has created various coaching programs and partnerships with select education platforms and cryptocurrency program tools.


You can learn more on his website: https://www.blockchainwayne.com/

Stably is a US-based FinTech providing fiat onramp and stablecoin infrastructure to digital wallets, decentralized applications, Web3 projects, and blockchain development organizations. Our mission is to power the next billion Web3 users with a superior fiat <> crypto onramp to all popular and emerging blockchain ecosystems.

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