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CryptoMondays SF Stablecoin Panel

Categories: InterviewsPublished On: July 10th, 20181 min read

CryptoMondays SF hosted a panel discussion stablecoins yesterday. The panel featured CEO of Stably, Kory Hoang, co-founder of Fragments, Brandon Iles, and Cryptocurrency Researcher at Bitwise, Phil Glazer.

The topic of discussion was why stablecoins are needed for the blockchain ecosystem to gain adoption. All stablecoin projects recognize the same problem, volatility. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. they are all inherently volatile currencies.

The Q&A section featured many questions about the difficulties of creating a stablecoin. Topics covered ecosystem building for a specific stablecoin, the risk of non-collateralized stablecoins, and the regulatory questions facing cryptocurrency.

Stably always appreciates opportunities to engage the community and discuss with people in the space. Thank you to CryptoMondays SF for hosting the panel.

Click the link below to watch the Q&A session!

https://befast.tv/virtual-event-cryptomondays-sf-stability-crypto-ecosystem/ —-

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