Buy BTCS & ETHS with Stably Bridge

Introducing wrapped Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens, powered by Stably.

Supported Networks


How to Mint or Redeem

Create a Stably Ramp account and complete user onboarding.
Follow this guide on how to open a Stably Ramp account.
Create a mint/redemption request by filling out our Stably Bridge transaction form.


Introducing Stably BTC (symbol: BTCS) and Stably ETH (symbol: ETHS). BTCS and ETHS are wrapped (or “bridged”) digital assets that represent the underlying collateral, Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively. Each wrapped token is fully backed 1-to-1. Stably is the convertible virtual currency administrator of BTCS and ETHS. We manage the underlying collateral for the benefit of KYC-verified token holders who can mint/redeem BTCS and ETHS 1-to-1 with Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTCS and ETHS are currently live on the Chia Network, with more network support coming soon in the near future.