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What are BTCS and ETHS?

Introducing Stably BTC (symbol: BTCS) and Stably ETH (symbol: ETHS). BTCS and ETHS are wrapped (or “bridged”) digital assets that represent the underlying collaterals, Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively. Each wrapped token is fully backed 1-to-1 by the underlying digital asset which is held in collateral accounts at Prime Trust, our US-regulated custodian. Stably, through our FinCEN-registered subsidiary, is the convertible virtual currency administrator of BTCS and ETHS. Stably manages the collateral accounts for the benefit of verified token holders who can issue/redeem BTCS and ETHS 1-to-1 with/for Bitcoin and Ethereum. To issue/redeem BTCS and ETHS, click here.

BTCS and ETHS are currently live on the Chia Network, with more blockchain network support coming soon in the near future. Below are the token addresses for Chia BTCS and ETHS:

  • Chia BTCS: 759f4e056d21c4b6cce0f955dbdfdd12c9826e5f4b3b6e68a574c78c1b2d9076
  • Chia ETHS: b023202719015e0065a5be9d61cbd06ea33eb27bc0f3b745980030fc57c5c396





100% BTC

100% ETH

Blockchain Networks

How to issue/redeem?

  • 1

    Follow the instructions here to verify KYC/KYB

  • 2
    Fill out and submit your transaction request form
  • 3
    Our team will contact you shortly after to provide instructions for the next steps
  • 4

    Deposit BTC or ETH into our collateral account at Prime Trust to receive BTCS or ETHS respectively, in your personal wallet

What to do with BTCS and ETHS?


Securely bridge your BTC and ETH from their native networks to emerging blockchain ecosystems that Stably supports.


Provide liquidity to emerging blockchain ecosystem with the top two largest digital assets in the world.


Trade BTCS and ETHS on decentralized exchanges for other crypto assets (e.g. Dexie).


Utilize BTCS and ETHS as collateral for DeFi applications such as lending protocols.

Why is Stably the best way to issue/redeem BTCS and ETHS?

Fast & Free

Issue/redeem BTCS and ETHS 1-to-1 with/for BTC and ETH, respectively, at zero fees (minus network fees).

Qualified Custodian

Our collateral accounts are held by Stably at Prime Trust, a Nevada-chartered trust company and qualified custodian.

Transparent & Secure

Stably publishes monthly reports of the collateral account balances which can be cross-verified with on-chain supply data.

Open & Borderless

Like the native assets, BTCS and ETHS can be sent to or received by anyone in the world with internet access.

Monthly Statements

BTC and ETH are held separately in collateral accounts at Prime Trust managed by Stably’s FinCEN-registered subsidiary for the benefit of BTCS and ETHS token holders. Prime Trust holds digital assets in cold-stored vaults provided through Fireblocks, a FinCEN-registered MSB and MPC wallet provider. Collateral assets are not invested or loaned out by either Stably or Prime Trust.

Below are the monthly account statements for the BTCS and ETHS collateral accounts at Prime Trust:

BTCS Monthly Statements

2023 Apr May

ETHS Monthly Statements

2023 Apr May

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