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What is #USD?

Stably USD (symbol: #USD) is a US Dollar-backed stablecoin based on the BRC20 standard of the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol. #USD is designed to provide the Bitcoin community with a transparent and regulatory-compliant stablecoin to seamlessly onramp from TradFi to BitFi. Every #USD token is fully collateralized and redeemable 1-to-1 for USD held by Prime Trust at FDIC-insured banks for the benefit of KYC-verified token holders. For more information about Prime Trust’s banking relationships, click here.

Monthly attestations for the Prime Trust fiat collateral account are conducted on a monthly basis by The Network Firm to ensure the number of circulating stablecoins is equal to the collateral account’s balance. For more information, click here.

  • Name: Stably USD
  • Symbol: #USD
  • Network: Bitcoin (BRC20)
  • Total Supply: 69,420,000,000,000*
  • Market Cap (May 24, 2023): $101,000
  • Deployment Inscription: #8,727,192
  • Inscription ID: cc2483940adb3dcabbd2f3856d45b206004d88bab78b9e9e056b9565ea119a07i0
  • Treasury Wallet Address: bc1qfy3tahmr2gw3l3974gafuvkvv4y7lwv8vc3k7a

*Note: All non-circulating #USD token supply (i.e. un-issued/un-backed tokens) is held by Stably in the Treasury Wallet. #USD tokens outside of the Treasury Wallet are considered as “issued tokens” and part of the circulating supply. When #USD was first deployed on May 22, 2023, the entire token supply was minted and moved into the Treasury Wallet.

Blockchain networks

The Bitcoin network is a P2P electronic cash system. It is the world’s oldest and largest blockchain. Ordinals are a way of representing data inscribed on the Bitcoin network. BRC20 is a standard for creating and exchanging ordinal-based tokens Bitcoin. To learn more, check out the Bitcoin white paper here.

How to buy/sell #USD?

  • 1

    Follow the instructions here to verify KYC/KYB

  • 2

    Fill out and submit your transaction request form (button below)

  • 3

    Our team will contact you shortly after to provide instructions for the next steps

  • 4

    Deposit USD into our collateral account at Prime Trust to receive #USD in your personal wallet. Accepted payment methods include Fedwire, SWIFT, USDC, and USDT.

What can you do with #USD?


Store your #USD in a self-custodial wallet and become your own bank.


#USD allows users to send/receive digital US Dollar to/from anyone with Internet access worldwide, 24/7.

On-Chain Trading

Trade #USD on decentralized marketplaces and exchanges for BTC and other BRC20 assets.

TradFi <> BitFi

Seamlessly onramp from TradFi to BitFi with traditional payment methods.

Why Stably?

Faster & Cheaper

Stably is the fastest and cheapest place to buy/sell #USD with crypto or traditional payment methods.

Fiat On & Off-Ramp

KYC-verified users may buy/sell #USD through Stably using Fedwire, SWIFT, USDC, and USDT, with more coming soon.

Transparent & Secure

Stably has a proven record of processing over $100 million through our platform and is trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

Open & Borderless

Stablecoins can be sent to or received by anyone in the world with Internet access. We also support onboarding for 200+ countries/regions.

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