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Are High Credit Card Fees Getting Your Business Down? Stablecoins Can Help.

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Are high credit card fees getting your business down? Stablecoins can help. Here’s how it works: If your business sells a product, you’re probably aware of the transaction fees which come with accepting credit and debit cards as payment methods. It’s not just the fees you have to worry about, but also the rules about who has to pay those fees. 

Visa transaction credit card fees for businesses range from 2% to 3% of the price per transaction. If you process lots of smaller payments (micro-payments), there is a flat fee attached to your transaction, bringing the fees in the range of 50% or more. Generally, this number is around seventy-five cents for transactions under ten dollars. That can add up quickly. To make matters worse, Visa regulates that you can’t pass the credit card fees onto the consumer without first notifying Visa. Meaning you usually have to charge higher prices and risk losing a sale simply because you want to accept credit cards as payment for your business.

Luckily, there is a solution. We’ve had many technological and commercial technology innovations over the past decade, from Uber to CashApp and Digital Assets. Stablecoins can help in multiple ways. Instead of raising your prices, consider using a stablecoin for your business. If you have a small business, accepting payments in stablecoins lowers your transaction fees significantly. Not only are Stablecoins a low-cost, scalable, and global digital method of transacting, but they are also immediate and don’t take days to settle. Faster final settlement on payments is one of the top reasons to adopt digital asset technology. This means your business can keep more of your money and receive it faster.

Stablecoins provide price stability. They are stable and pegged to a fiat currency such as the US dollar. Thus you don’t have to worry about your transactions losing value in the process as with many volatile cryptocurrencies. With stablecoins, you’ll pocket close to ten dollars at the end of the trade when you sell something for ten dollars.

Overall, if high credit card fees are a pain point to your bottom line and sales for your business, then it’s time to look into how stablecoins can make your transactions cheaper and faster than ever before. Stably is a global leader in providing business and enterprise grade stablecoin solutions. Reach out to us at https://www.stably.io/contact/.

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