A New Bitcoin Era: Ordinals, Smart Contracts, and BVM

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Discover the groundbreaking network improvements that are turning Bitcoin into a comprehensive decentralized applications network.

Following the recent conclusion of Bitcoin Miami, Stably explores the groundbreaking advancements that are propelling Bitcoin towards becoming a comprehensive decentralized applications platform. These transformative changes are set to revolutionize digital currency, putting Bitcoin on par with Ethereum—a once unthinkable idea. Join us as we venture into uncharted territory, delving into Ordinals, Smart Contracts, the emerging BRC20 standard, and the captivating concept of a Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM). Get ready for an exciting journey through Bitcoin’s evolving landscape.

Bitcoin: Past, Present, and Future

When Bitcoin first emerged on the financial scene, it did more than disrupt the status quo—it carved out a unique trajectory as a pioneering decentralized digital currency. Today, it stands on the brink of another transformative evolution, potentially positioning Bitcoin alongside Ethereum—an idea that once seemed far-fetched. As we prepare to navigate this new frontier, we will explore the intriguing domains of Ordinals, Smart Contracts, the nascent BRC20 standard, and the thrilling prospect of a Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM).

Taproot: The Catalyst for Bitcoin’s Evolution

The key to understanding Ordinals and their potential is the Taproot upgrade. This critical advancement in Bitcoin’s infrastructure has enhanced transaction privacy and significantly reduced costs. More crucially, it has enabled the creation of Ordinals, thereby broadening Bitcoin’s scope immensely.

Ordinals: Bitcoin’s Innovative Leap

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have assumed center stage in the digital landscape, revolutionizing digital asset ownership from art to property rights. Not one to remain stagnant in innovation, Bitcoin has introduced its own variation of NFTs: Ordinals. While BRC-20 tokens are typically considered fungible, Ordinals are imprinted onto a satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, and hold the potential to open up a vast marketplace of possibilities. Bitcoin is no longer just a currency; it is an expanding ecosystem just beginning to be charted. 

BRC20 and Beyond: Bitcoin’s Response to Token Standards

For those familiar with the Ethereum realm, the ERC20 token standard requires no explanation. Now, envision Bitcoin introducing a similar standard called BRC20. This initiative can potentially revolutionize Bitcoin, transforming it from a purely digital currency into a powerful platform for decentralized applications. It would unveil a wide range of opportunities within the Bitcoin network. Additionally, ongoing efforts are to develop ORC20, a standard for tokens operating on the Bitcoin blockchain. These tokens are represented as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files and recorded on the Satoshi using serial numbers, similar to the BRC20 standard.

The Advent of Smart Contracts on Bitcoin

Smart contracts, autonomous digital agreements with terms encoded in code, have been Ethereum’s domain for years. However, with the proposed BRC20 standard, the door for smart contracts on Bitcoin opens, leading to prospects only possible on competing networks like Ethereum.

The Potential of Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM): Entering a New Realm

Similar to how the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) operates and executes smart contracts within the Ethereum network, MVC is building a Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) capable of performing comparable tasks within the Bitcoin network. The potential of a BVM could significantly alter the landscape, marking Bitcoin as a formidable player for decentralized applications.


Bitcoin is poised for a significant transformation. The introduction of Ordinals, the potential BRC20 standard, the prospect of smart contracts, and the emergence of a Bitcoin Virtual Machine all indicate a future where Bitcoin transitions from a simple transactional cryptocurrency to a robust, multifaceted blockchain network capable of hosting a variety of decentralized applications. This is an exciting time for Bitcoin, and the evolution in the years ahead is eagerly anticipated.

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