10 Crypto Memes to Make Your Day Better!

Categories: GeneralPublished On: January 12th, 20211.3 min read

2020 has been challenging for many people in many aspects. Now, more than ever, is a time for laughter, community, and joining together to laugh — even if that comes at the expense of our ‘gainz’. To start off the year, we thought it’d be fun to try a different type of article — one more lighthearted to brighten up the end to a gloomy year.

1. If 2020 was all a dream…



2. Looking through the rearview mirror like… 



3. Things Xanax can’t fix



4. Me when my parents ask me why I spend all day on YouTube



5. Every Crypto networking event ever

6. The crypto equivalent of finding out your GF cheated on you


7. How I imagine girls feel after make up



8. Why I’m not invited to parties anymore



9. Everytime I get offered 20,000% APY   



10. Stablecoin holders be like…


In conclusion, we hope this made you guys feel better about all the sorrows and worries in your lives today. Just remember, #StablecoinSaveLives! 

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